20 Inch 1 -2 4 Pin RGB Splitter Quake LED

Product Description: 

So one light just wasn't enough and you want to have multiple RGB lights running on one set of wires? No problem, Quake LED's got you covered! With this 1 to 2 wire splitter, you can easily add on lights as needed whether it's whip lights, pod lights, strip lights, you name it! Easily plug in your lights with waterproof connectors and you're ready to hit the road in style.

Note: If a splitter is needed for rock lights, this harness is only compatible with the Quad-Lock system. Using this splitter in any other capacity may incur serious, non-warranted damage to your lights as other control boxes are not wired to handle higher wattages, so please proceed with caution and seek advice from a Quake LED professional if you are unsure of your needs!