1994-2007 Cummins Heat Exchanger Bypass Single Line Full Send Diesel

Product Description: 

Leaking transmission lines? Look no further then Full Send Diesels AN braided replacement hoses. Our hoses are made from only the best AN fittings and braided hose that the market has to offer. This hose kit is designed to bypass the factory heat exchanger mounted on the side of the block.

Instead of transmission fluid going from the transmission, to the heat exchanger, from the heat exchanger to the factory transmission cooler. This kit has one single hose that goes directly from the front port on the transmission to the transmission cooler.

This is the same hose used in our FSD-10-B kit. The only difference is this is only the line needed to bypass the heat exchanger, it doesn't replace the return hose from the transmission cooler back to the rear port on the transmission. As always this kit is backed by our lifetime workmanship warranty.
What's included?

  • (1) Replacement Transmission Line
  • (1) Transmission adaptor fitting
  • (1) Transmission cooler adaptor fitting


  • 1994-2007 Cummins