1968-1969 Chevrolet Nova Advanced Sequential LED Tail Lights Dapper Lighting



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The Classic Sequential Tail Light (CST) kits are direct retrofits and replacements for incandescent light bulbs in classic vehicles. These kits incorporate high-efficiency LED lights that increase tail light brightness, reliability, and longevity. The kits replace all the functionality of the light bulbs they replace.

This includes low-level running light illumination, brake light illumination, turn signal illumination, emergency flash, and backup lighting, where applicable. In addition, the kit includes a self-contained microprocessor and circuitry to enable a multitude of sequential lighting patterns. There is no separate sequential lighting control module to mount and wire up.

The kit is designed to work with OEM tail light housing and lenses as well as aftermarket components. For LED lighting to function correctly, a Low Current Flasher Module must be installed in place of the traditional turn signal flasher module.

  • Number of Sequential Patterns: 6 Industry First
  • (not including demonstration and standard flash modes)
  • Number of Panels per kit: 2
  • Input Voltage: 11 - 15 volts
  • All Mounting Hardware Included: Yes
  • Number of Red LEDs per Panel: 20

Tail Light Operational Functions: Turn Signal Light, Running Light, and Emergency Flash.

Standard Flash Mode: Flashes all LEDs in all panels simultaneously with the flasher relay or solid light with brake, mimicking light bulb operation.

Demonstration Mode: Steps through each sequential pattern cyclically, flashes each sequence 6 times before stepping to the following sequence, then repeats.

The simple installation requires mounting the LED lighting panel to the tail light housing or lens and plugging the wired bulb plug(s) into the factory bulb socket(s).

If sequential lighting patterns are desired, then the attached pink wire must be wired to +12 volt ignition power.

A pushbutton switch on the back or front of the light panel is used to select from any of the pre-programmed sequential patterns. Each press of the switch steps panel through each of the available patterns.

Selection is performed while the panel is powered up so the user can observe each pattern until the desired pattern is determined. The selection is stored in memory within the onboard controller, so every time vehicle is started, the same pattern is used.

When ignition power is Off, the tail light panels do not draw any power from the vehicle: this eliminates unnecessary current draw on the battery that can lead to a dead battery over time.

The exclusive design also allows the tail light panel to perform running light, brake light, and emergency flasher functions when the vehicle is not running. This allows running illumination and warning flashers when the key is out of the ignition. Ignition must be On to provide sequential flashing.

Each CST kit is uniquely engineered for each application. Unlike many aftermarket LED panels, our panels are specifically designed to utilize all available lighting areas available in the tail light lenses.

The panels will often light up areas that the OEM lighting does not illuminate. This provides the vehicle with the brightest and most noticeable tail light function.

In addition, the kits are specifically engineered to maintain waterproof sealing of the tail light housings intact, eliminating the chance of water intrusion, which can lead to condensation, fogging, and corrosion within the tail light housings. Many aftermarket kits cannot make this claim. We can.